Feminists and Christian Singles: Some Sad Similarities

But here’s my problem with Burk’s feminist straw man. I’ve known just as many Christian singles who have shared with me the same lament as Wurtzel’s, even down to the specifics. Continue reading

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Identity in Christ: The Need for Grounding

Identification – 1a : an act of identifying : the state of being identified  b : evidence of identity  2a : psychological orientation of the self in regard to something (as a person or group) with a resulting feeling of close emotional association  b : a largely unconscious process whereby an individual models thoughts, feelings, and actions after those attributed to an object that has been incorporated as a mental image (from Merriam-Webster online) Continue reading

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Col. 1:15-20: Who is Man?

A right understanding of who Jesus is then becomes the starting point for rightly understanding who we as humans are.  Colossians 1:15-20 depicts Jesus’ relationship to creation and to the new creation, specifically the church.  He is the one and only Creator and Ruler as well as the Covenant Redeemer, reconciling all things to himself through his own physical death.  These two identifying truths about Jesus are a good starting point for thinking of ourselves.  It is in light of these great truths about Christ, the Creator and Redeemer of man, that we are able to see ourselves as creatures made like him and redeemed to be in covenant with him.

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Col. 1:15-20: Jesus as Man

At the time of the writing of the book of Colossians, there were still men and women alive who had walked with Jesus and witnessed him eating, drinking, and sleeping.  Therefore, his humanity was easily attested to by living witnesses.  Despite the presence of living witnesses, however, questions of Jesus’ real, historical, human life began to arise very soon after his death.[1]  The fact that Jesus really existed and existed as a man has consistently been held as necessary by Christians throughout the ages.  While the two stanzas of Col 1:15-20 declare amazing truths about Jesus’ divinity, they also have massive implications for his humanity as a visible image of the invisible God who died in the flesh to establish the new covenant. Continue reading

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Col. 1:15-20: Jesus as God

The subject of greatest debate surrounding Colossians 1:15-20 is what it implies about the divinity of the man Jesus.  It was Jesus’ claim to be God that ultimately led to his crucifixion.  And it is belief in the reality and veracity of his claim that continues to separate orthodox Christians from every other sect and world religion. Continue reading

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Col. 17-20: Transition to Christ and New Creation

The middle section of Col. 1:15-20 is marked by the repetition of “and he is” (καὶ αὐτός ἐστιν) at the beginning of verses 17 and 18.  The parallel language shows that these two verses should be read together.  The first “he is” statement, verse 17, is linked with the preceding stanza.  Verse 17 continues to speak of Christ’s relation to all of creation.  Jesus is “before all things,” both temporally and in rank, and “in him all things hold together.”  These statements are further reflection on Christ’s preeminence in creating and sustaining the universe.  However, the second “he is” statement, in v. 18a, proceeds in a different direction.  Verse 18a describes Christ as the “head of the body, the church.”  This statement is linked with the second stanza that is to follow.  These two verses act as the hinge on which the poem turns from talking of Christ as he is related to creation to  talking of Christ as he is related to the new creation.[1] Continue reading

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An Important Question…

For all of you defending the 2nd Amendment, have you asked yourself this question? Continue reading

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