Welcome to my blog. I have to admit that I find most blogs very boring and self-serving. It will come as no surprise to me if you feel the same about this one.

I am a PhD candidate at Wheaton College in Systematic Theology under the supervision of Dr. Daniel J. Treier.* My dissertation is my attempt to add to the growing literature surrounding the Protestant understanding of celibacy and the broader sociological category of singleness. Celibacy and singleness have come into fashion of late, but I, like all my hipster friends, was into it before it was cool.

On this site you will work that I’ve copied and pasted out of papers I’ve written, thoughts on recent events, fishing stories, funny and/or cheesy jokes, and anything else I feel like writing. I make no claims of being particularly smart or insightful. The writing done here is as much for me as for anyone else. Access is free, and you get what you pay for.

*This site represents my thoughts and my thoughts alone. Do not let your view of Wheaton College or Dr. Treier be skewed by what you read here. They’ve done the best they could.


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