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Some Facial Hair Fun…

“Hang in there, in-between-stache-guy, it gets fuller,” by Ron Swanson. Advertisements

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Fighting for Joy on Valentine’s Day

You know the routine. It’s Valentine’s Day, that special day set aside to celebrate love and romance, and you’re single. You don’t have a girlfriend, a date, or even a female friend that is willing to be seen in public … Continue reading

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Snow White at Work…

Hang in there, single ladies.

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Identity in Christ: Eternal Grounding Lost

We must ground our entire existence in something transcendent. This is a natural and necessary part of being human. Everyone, everywhere, is aware that there is something beyond this life. Even the atheist, naturalist philosopher believes they hold a place … Continue reading

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Feminists and Christian Singles: Some Sad Similarities

But here’s my problem with Burk’s feminist straw man. I’ve known just as many Christian singles who have shared with me the same lament as Wurtzel’s, even down to the specifics.

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