In Support of Beards…

A great collection of quotes in favor of facial hair quoted from the blog of one of the many beautifully bearded students here at Southern Seminary.

How womanly it is for one who is a man to comb himself and shave himself with a razor, for the sake of fine effect, and to arrange his hair at the mirror, shave his cheeks, pluck hairs out of them, and smooth them!…For God wished women to be smooth and to rejoice in their locks alone growing spontaneously, as a horse in his mane.

But He adorned man like the lions, with a beard, and endowed him as an attribute of manhood, with a hairy chest–a sign of strength and rule.” 2.275

This, then, is the mark of the man, the beard. By this, he is seen to be a man. It is older than Eve. It is the token of the superior nature….It is therefore unholy to desecrate the symbol of manhood, hairiness. 2.276

It is not lawful to pluck out the beard, man’s natural and noble adornment. 2.277  – Clement of Alexandria

And the Prince of Preachers said:

‎Growing a beard is a habit most natural, Scriptural, manly and beneficial. – C.H. Spurgeon

And more:

The beard must not be plucked. ‘You will not deface the figure of your beard’.  – St. Cyprian, 5.553

The nature of the beard contributes in an incredible degree to distinguish the maturity of bodies, or to distinguish the sex, or to contribute to the beauty of manliness and strength. – Lactantius (c. 304–314, W), 7.288

There are some details of the body which are there for simply aesthetic reasons, and for no practical purpose—for instance, the nipples on a man’s chest, and the beard on his face, the latter being clearly for a masculine ornament, not for protection. This is shown by the fact that women’s faces are hairless, and since women are the weaker sex, it would surely be more appropriate for them to be given such a protection. – Augustine of Hippo, City of God (c. 410) book 22, chapter 24

Men may not destroy the hair of their beards and unnaturally change the form of a man. For the Law says, “You will not deface your beards.” For God the Creator has made this decent for women, but has determined that it is unsuitable for men. – Apostolic Constitutions (compiled c.390, E) 7.392. (1)

Depending on who you ask, this post either has nothing at all to do with singleness or it has everything to do with singleness.

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