Where are the men?

This is the question I found myself asking last Friday night as I gathered with over twenty other seminary students to hear from our local missionaries-in-residence. The night was organized by our Student Missions Fellowship as a time for those interested in foreign missions to dialogue with men and women who are here for a short furlough from the mission field. The night was a blessing to me and all those who came. To my joy, the room was almost filled with the next generation of career missionaries. To my disappointment, they were almost all women. Continue reading

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Great (Single) Men of Old – Basil of Caesarea

“What are such threats to me? He who has nothing to lose can scarce fear confiscation, and I have no possessions save these mean garments, and some few books. Neither does he fear exile who counts no spot on earth his home, being here but a pilgrim and a sojourner, seeking a safer place of rest. Heaven is my home. Nor do I fear torture — my frail body would endure but little—you could strike but one blow and my pain is past—I should but depart the sooner to Him, for Whose service alone I am willing to live, and after Whom my soul yearns.” – Basil of Caesarea, quoted by William Bennett, in Lives of Certain Fathers of the Church in the Fourth Century for the Instruction of the Young Continue reading

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Identity in Christ: Momentary Grounding Found

The serpent’s lie was that we could be self-determining. He questioned our standing as creatures under God and encouraged Adam and Eve to see themselves as equal to God, able to judge what is right from what is wrong. With our sin, we became estranged from God, kicked out of the Garden in Eden with a flaming sword blocking our return. We not only lost our place of being physically, but existentially as well. We were created to be creatures, under God’s authority, in relationship to God, in fellowship with one another, and in dominion over the earth. However, our sin disrupted those relationships, severing the grounding that mankind was meant to have in his relationship with God. Continue reading

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Some Facial Hair Fun…

“Hang in there, in-between-stache-guy, it gets fuller,” by Ron Swanson. Continue reading

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Fighting for Joy on Valentine’s Day

You know the routine. It’s Valentine’s Day, that special day set aside to celebrate love and romance, and you’re single. You don’t have a girlfriend, a date, or even a female friend that is willing to be seen in public with you. So you invite a few buddies over to watch Braveheart, play some Halo, and talk about how dumb girls are. You make “Happy Singleness Awareness Day” your Facebook status. You tell all your married friends that you’re content, enjoying the freedom of your singleness, and glad that you didn’t have to plan a date and pay for a fancy dinner this year. You do all these things, yet at the end of the night when you climb into your empty bed, loneliness and despair come crashing in, leaving you wondering why no one, maybe not even God himself, loves you. Continue reading

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Snow White at Work…

Hang in there, single ladies.


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Identity in Christ: Eternal Grounding Lost

We must ground our entire existence in something transcendent. This is a natural and necessary part of being human. Everyone, everywhere, is aware that there is something beyond this life. Even the atheist, naturalist philosopher believes they hold a place in an evolutionary process that precedes and follows their earthly existence. The sense of the transcendent is in all of us. As Christians, this makes perfect sense to us. Continue reading

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